Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Research For Animation & VFX- Post 14

When I decided to do my essay on 'Rango', it prompted me to finally buy 'The Ballad of Rango'; I adore 'art of' books and this was one I had my eye on for a long time so to have a valid excuse to get it made me very happy!

I learnt a lot from this book in terms of research for my essay; I found it very interesting how small the team was in the beginning of the project, and that they came from a wide range of areas within the film industry.

I also learnt a lot about how Rango's design was constructed, for example Rango's tail is an extension of his personality and shows his emotions, when he is depressed his tail unravels from a coil to drag behind him. Another interesting fact is that all of his teeth were individually controlled for animation.

Here, I posted a lot of the design notes I wrote after analysing the DVD myself and reading this book:


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