Monday, 12 December 2011

Research For Animation & VFX- Post 13

During the early stages of my research, I looked to things such as the bonus features and promotional material from 'Rango' to get some insight into how the film was designed and made. Much like the film itself, the production of 'Rango' was truly unique and innovative, so I wanted to share these behind the scenes videos of the cast shooting for the film with the never before used technique of 'Emotion Capture'.

Whilst I was studying for the group presentation I learnt about a lot of techniques used to capture performances for animated characters and how they are evolving, as well as the disadvantages with each of them. 
Here is the post for that information:

This research furthered my belief that the 'Emotion Capture' technique used for 'Rango' is the perfect way for animation to evolve. 
One of the biggest fears for actors and animators is the 'Performance/ Motion Capture' technique, the actors fear that once their performance has been captured they no longer have a say in what happens to it and it will be free for the filmmakers to manipulate it in any way they wish; animators fear that they will be put out of a job because of this technology.
With the 'Emotion Capture' technique, the actors play their parts in a mostly natural way, using costumes and each other to help them get into their character, and act out their scenes with cameras and the director with them as with any normal set. Then the animators use the footage for deep reference whilst they create the animations from scratch.
This technique allows all parties to make the most of their talents and work as a team to create what I feel is some of the best animation to date.

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