Saturday, 10 December 2011

Research For Animation & VFX- Post 11

During my research I have flicked through quite a few books on Westerns, the two I chose to study a little more in depth are:

This book is a compilation of articles written about (strictly) Hollywood made Westerns dating from the 1940s onwards, looking particularly at the A movies of the genre. I found it interesting to read from a variety of authors who were able to offer a number of different views on the same themes, and the articles included in this book discuss quite unique issues that actually contribute to the genre a great deal. For example one article discusses the body of John Wayne, he has many images in the public eye- John Wayne the legend, John Wayne as the character, and John Wayne the man; the article studies how these contrasting personas are limited by this one body that they all have to share.


This book interested me because it focused more on the actuality of Western life and culture and how it had been manipulated for use in Western films. I particularly liked the encyclopaedia layout of facts as it meant I could easily look up a film or director and find the relevant information about them.

In regards to my essay, I have found the former book 'The Movie Book of Westerns' to be quite useful as it discussed the personalities of some of the most iconic Western characters which is useful for my study on the classic Western hero.

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