Thursday, 8 December 2011

Research For Animation & VFX- Post 10/ Drawing- Post 10

Today I went to see the Betty Smithers Design Collection; I found it to be a very useful experience, mainly because it made me realise that no one object could define this collection and that gave me a lot more confidence in the designs I had done, particularly the juice lady. I also got to photograph the original juicer I had used for my designs and was able to create a better image from them.

The Betty Smithers Design Collection: Celebrating Design Through The Ages

I also found a very interesting looking coffee maker/ mixer (I'm not sure what it is exactly), to me it looked like a robot which I found interesting as this was an old design and I tried to incorporate this idea into the mascot design I made from it.

The Betty Smithers Design Collection: Looking To The Past To Design The Future

I really like the juicer lady design that I have done as I feel it is bold and simple which would suit as a logo that can be put on merchandise. In terms of anthropomorphism, I like that the object itself has been turned into an extension (dress) of its function (juicer lady) and hasn't simply had eyes added to it as is the case with many anthropomorphic objects.

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