Friday, 9 December 2011

Drawing- Post 11

Last week, we were asked to pick one of our life drawings and digitally paint it. 

I have dabbled in digital painting before but I've never felt confident in my abilities when it comes to digital painting; I enjoy painting with real oil paints as they do not dry quickly- which suits my slow and thorough way of working- and they blend extremely well which allows me to create more detailed works than other mediums. So, when working digitally I usually choose oils in the hope I can achieve the same effect as the real thing.

For this piece, I tried to keep the painting simple and warm; I am fairly pleased with my results, especially as I had to work out a lot of the details in the lighting and anatomy myself. I think this painting could be worked into a lot further but I feel reluctant to keep messing with it as I feel it already communicates everything I was aiming for it to at this stage.

Also, here is the link to my Flickr account (though there is nothing on there that isn't already on here!):

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