Monday, 28 November 2011

Research For Animation & VFX- Post 8

This week, we have been asked to post up the draft introduction to our essay in order to identify our strengths and weaknesses when writing formal language.

My Essay Question:

Explore the ways in which the character of Rango embodies the classic Western hero.

(Draft) Introduction:

'Rango' is a critically acclaimed computer animated Western Comedy that follows the journey of a lost pet chameleon who, through his colourful but untrue stories, finds himself appointed Sheriff of the troubled desert town of 'Dirt'; the film shows the trials of this anthropomorphic chameleon on his way to becoming a hero.
Possibly the biggest reason for this film's success is the way that it encapsulates the Western genre, from the character designs that caricature classic Western stereotypes, to the creative references of Western classics that the film drew inspiration from. Rango himself has been constructed from an array of personalities including Hunter S. Thompson and Clint Eastwood.
Through this essay, I aim to explore the ways in which the character of Rango embodies the classic Western hero by breaking the character down and analysing him against the figures he was inspired by; I will also be looking at the anthropomorphic traits of Rango that lend to the more symbolic aspects of the character with regard to representing the Western hero.

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