Friday, 11 November 2011

Research For Animation & VFX- Post 6

Following our group presentations, we have been asked to use this weeks blog task to reflect on what we've learnt from the presentations of our peers in regards to presentation skills through the following questions:

1) What is one thing you should not do during a presentation?

Do not hide behind your notes, learn your material so that you can use your notes (or better yet key note cards) to aid the flow of your presentation. I noticed quite a few people talking into the sheet of paper in front of them which made it hard to connect to the speaker, also it seemed that people were scared to diverge from their notes so much so that they would back track just to say the sentence exactly as it was written.

2)What is one thing you should do during a presentation?

Engage your audience be it through questions or even a game, this keeps the audience interested in the subject of your presentation and keeps them alert throughout. I thought that the Advertising group did particularly well with this aspect of presenting- they had made large cardboard cutouts of animals along with their mascot counterparts (eg. a tiger, followed by Tony the tiger) and played a game with the audience whereby they had to guess the mascot based on the realistic animal.

We were also asked to note one interesting thing about anthropomorphism that we had learned from one of the presentations given on Wednesday:

One interesting thing I had learned came from the Advertising group; they had found that anthropomorphic characters are often used as mascots for things such as cereal because children cannot differentiate them from the superheroes of the TV shows they were watching on that same channel.

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