Monday, 28 November 2011

Life Drawing- Post 5

This week (meaning the Tuesday session on 22nd November) the session involved using giant letters placed around the model in order for us to focus on using them as markers when drawing the figure.

I have mixed feelings about the drawings I produced, I feel I did well with using the letters as guides rather than falling into the trap of drawing the letters themselves, but once again my lack of speed meant I couldn't  achieve much with each drawing and I found the reclining poses quite difficult. With the final image, I tried to be loose with my lines and rather than follow the form with accuracy I tried to simply capture the general arcs of the forms.

I also found the scaling to be quite a strain this week; I used the scaling technique and started drawing, but after the figure kept seeming to change each time I put charcoal to paper and I got very frustrated with the drawing (number 3 specifically) I resigned myself to just drawing the figure so I would have at least something, but it would turn out correct anyway. I don't know whether to be annoyed by this or pleased as it makes me very unsure about whether I'm scaling things correctly.

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