Friday, 4 November 2011

Life Drawing- Post 2

25th October was my 2nd life drawing session.

The purpose of this session was to get us to look beyond the figure and use the environment around it as a way to find our way around the figure and place and scale things correctly. I think I did fairly well at this, and I felt a lot more confident when it came to approaching my drawings.

The 4th image was a test to see how people would cope with using tone instead of line; I was thoroughly enjoying the drawing but again my lack of speed meant that I didn't get much of it done, and it is times like that when I find my weakness particularly frustrating.

The fourth image was an extremely challenging exercise for me, we were to do each drawing within 2 minutes, using the principles we had learned within the sessions we'd had but not to such a strict extent. I  enjoyed the freedom I had with the exercise as it allowed me to use my usual energetic strokes but I really did struggle with getting the figure down in time- I did not complete a single one.

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