Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Drawing- Post 6

Recently, us VFX students were given a lesson involving silhouettes and their surprisingly wide range of functions and the almost endless things you could construct with them. As an exercise we were given sheets of silhouetted objects (guns for example), and we were asked to create something from these parts.

I found this task to be very enjoyable and enlightening, I didn't appreciate to what extent you could use silhouettes and I actually think this is a good technique to adopt for opening up one's creative channels.

Here are my results from the session:


  1. I like this spider, crab steam punk walker from the realistic proportions which make it look real also I real like the neck and head segment. I would however put two more leg on the front to make it seem more balanced.

  2. This is really well done! very well structured, but I do agree with the comment above but it does look brilliant the way it is :)