Thursday, 3 November 2011

Drawing- Post 2

One of the tasks within the drawing module is to draw 150 post-it notes and then choose the best 50; the purpose of this exercise is to capture the human form in a very short time and with limited space, this pushes you to be more confident with your strokes and to look for the overall gesture of the form rather than the parts that make it up.

With this first batch of notes I am about to show, I did not yet know that humans were supposed to be the focus of the notes and so I tried to draw a variety of things, but as my natural flare is for characters I have mainly drawn people regardless.

Notes 1-23:

When drawing the human form I use big and energetic strokes, so to be constrained to such a tiny space was a challenge for me but I was able to keep the energy of my lines and I'm fairly pleased with some of the gestures I managed to capture.

I will be uploading the next batch of notes within the next few weeks.

We have also been asked to keep a general sketchbook during the module, here are a few pages from mine:

The first image is the result of an upside down drawing exercise, this was a useful exercise because the reference image being upside down forced my eyes to draw the shapes they saw rather than rely on my perceived knowledge of the form.

The second image is the result of a hand-eye coordination exercise, we were asked to look at the person opposite and draw them without looking at the paper. I also seem to have doodled a little after the exercise! Also, there are experiments with mark making on this page.

And then this doodle which spawned from a wondering thought.

And lastly this page, on which I played with the chalk and charcoal I had bought for life drawing; I simply wanted to test out my tools and warm up for the session.

I hope to add more sketches from my drawing module within the next few weeks.

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