Friday, 4 November 2011

Life Drawing- Post 3

1st November and another life drawing session; our usual tutor was away this week and the teacher that had replaced him seemed to have an extremely different outlook on the subject of life drawing. Accuracy was no longer the focus, this time it was all about capturing the shape and being emotive with our studies.

We used pots of black and white paint, and various sizes of card to apply it with. I found this session to be extremely enjoyable, and I am actually quite proud of my results, I was also very flattered for my pieces to be chosen by some of my peers as their favourites from the session.

Yet again, my lack of speed was a recurring observation made by the tutor and it was incredibly frustrating for me as I was enjoying my paintings so much that I wanted to complete one. 
I definitely want to try this technique again in my own time.

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