Sunday, 23 October 2011

Research For Animation & VFX- Post 3

This week's assignment was to, first, write a post about our presentation group.

My group are studying 3D Feature Films for our presentation.

The group consists of Megan (me), Emma, Richard, Rachel, Jack, Jamie, and James; I am the only VFX student in my group, and the others are all from animation so I don't know their details such as Surnames or their blogs yet but I shall update this post with that information when I get it.

We have named ourselves MERGE; this came about by putting all of our initials together as we brainstormed a name, though it actually spelt MERRJJJ we thought it best to go with the traditional spelling!

We do not yet know for sure what our presentation question will be, but as it stands we seem to be heading in the direction of how 3D technology can capture the performance, expressions, and likeness of the film's actors.

We have set up a group blog so that we can share any research and discuss ideas:

The second task for this week's assignment was to brainstorm my essay character and post up my chosen essay question; even though I am not entirely sure about my wording, I am sure of the direction in which I want to go with my essay.

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