Sunday, 9 October 2011

Research For Animation & VFX- Post 1

The aim of this week's assignment was for us to find three blogs that we particularly enjoy and post them up; of the many blogs I've been fortunate to stumble upon over the years, I have decided to feature these three:

First is Lines and Colours, I hold this blog in high regard for it's sheer wealth of information and inspiration; the blog doesn't focus on any one aspect of art, but holds it's doors open for everything from cut-book sculptures to traditional portrait paintings. The blog is also fantastic for highlighting the technological advances in how we view art.
My favourite aspect of the blog is the articles that feature both up and coming artists who are still unknown to the masses, and artists whose work and presence has faded with time- I have lost count of how many artists I have discovered through this blog.

Second is Character Design, a fairly self explanatory name. Character design has always been my passion, the human body is such a wonderful thing and to see the vast interpretations of it's form by the artists featured in this blog always pushes my desire to evolve and refine my own style.

Third is Animation Backgrounds, a blog that is unfortunately no longer updating but the content that it already holds is simply beautiful; the purpose of this blog is to put the spotlight on the rich and detailed backgrounds of animated films and TV shows that the viewer would never pay attention to otherwise.
As I said previously, I am passionate about character design and as a result I tend to favour characters and the human form when doing art, but as a concept designer I need to be skilled in all areas so I am actively looking for resources like this to help me hone my skills. I have only recently found a flare for background/ landscape design, but looking through the work shown on this blog makes me want to delve deeper into the subject.

These blogs are not only great for finding inspiration, but they are also extremely helpful research spots so I would definitely recommend them.

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