Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Set Design- Post 1

Here is the long awaited work from my Set Design module. I experienced some personal difficulties during the time of the module which resulted in me doing a re-sit via Extenuating Circumstances so I have been working on it throughout the summer. Despite the delay, I'm glad to say that I gained a lot of confidence and learned a lot from this module, and I am pleased to finally be able to present it to you.

The aim of the Set Design module was to choose a set from an existing film or game, and then design an extension of the set that looks convincingly like a part of the original whilst also having its own flare.

The set I chose to base my project on was the Tooth Palace from 'Rise of the Guardians', which is a Dreamworks animated film. I chose this particular film because I loved the incredibly unique reimagining of the iconic childhood figures (Santa Clause, Tooth Fairy etc.) and how they operate, and animated features are what I dream of working on some day. I also felt that the imagination behind the film was very similar to my own and so this was an obvious choice.

For my set, I wanted to explore how Mini Fairies (which are the Tooth Fairy's little workers) come into being, and so my set proposal was a Mini Fairy Hatchery.

Over the next week, I shall post about the different aspects of my project, showing the work and development of each stage; today I shall show you the initial questions and research that led to the preliminary designs and ideas.

The following pages are a selection of the moodboards I created when carrying out my initial research for the project:


To start, I brainstormed my hatchery idea, trying to think of the components that would make it up and what other elements might impact on the design.

Tooth Palace (all images are copyright to Dreamworks Animation Studio):

To begin my research, I looked to ‘The Art of Rise of the Guardians’ (the film’s official art book) in order to get a glimpse into the thoughts and inspirations of the film’s production team.

Architecture & Structures:

From looking at the Rise of the Guardians art book, I found that many key influences for the Tooth Palace architecture came from Hindu and Buddhist culture. I also found that the root of the design seemed to be based on a natural structure (ie. Stalactites) and the man made influence defined the surface structure (ie. The tooth drawer slots that create the detailed and uniform grooves in the body of the stalactite structure ).



In my brainstorm I also considered the workers of the Hatchery and how they would impact on the design. I wanted to create a creature that was different to the Tooth Fairies but was linkable to the Tooth Fairy and the Tooth Palace.

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