Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Year 2 Future Lifestyles- Post 1

I am back, now in my second year of University, and finally updating, hopefully on a regular basis!

I thought it would be a prime and interesting contrast to follow the last piece of work I posted from last year- which was the future module- with the very same module we were asked to do again this year.

We did the future module last year because the lecturer, on a whim, wanted to test us 1st years against the then 2nd years on the same module (us 1st years won by the way!).
However this wasn't taken into account when we moved up to 2nd year and we ended up doing pretty much the same module all over again, and again it was a group module which upped the difficulty and frustration levels.

Although I found this annoying, I wanted to approach the module as my second chance since I felt quite restrained the last time round and I thought I could do better work this time. I'm also aware that I will face a lot of projects of similar genres within the industry so I wanted to see how to keep things fresh and exciting for these instances.

The basic premise for this particular futures project was a man made island build to hold a marine conservation facility, and in later posts I will show the work from when I directed a sub-team in the making of a vertical ship that was a main feature of the island.

Overall, I feel a lot better about the work I had done this year; I think it looks a lot more professional and is more inspired than the previous years work.

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