Thursday, 16 February 2012

VFX Future Project- Post 1

For this module, we are to redesign the university campus as it might look in 100 years time, taking into consideration factors such as architecture, fashion, economics etc.

The first thing we had to do was culminate our research into mood boards; I found it difficult to do this for things like Demographics as these are hard to represent through visuals alone. When presenting my research, I made predictions of what I think may be possible in the future.

  • Architectural Design will utilise nature as a way to power itself and help the environment.
  • Buildings will become taller in attempts to use less space yet contain more people.
  • Humans will create more land to build on/ Adapt architecture to sit on water.

  • As cultures continue to mix, cities will have to accommodate multiple languages.
  • Advances in medical care will result in a growing number of elderly citizens.
  • An increasing number of people will be mixed race.
  • New races may arrive through genetic experimentation and Artificial Intelligence.
  • As society further embraces different sexualities, their numbers will increase.

  • Learning will take a much more communal route as child psychology continues to show more engaging methods of teaching.
  • Technology will advance and make the learning experience much more interactive and immersive.
  • Virtual learning will be available.

  • Technology will advance to a point at which it can simulate nature.
  • Nature can be scientifically altered to suit human and environmental needs.
  • All technology will be geared towards eco-friendliness.
  • Humans will look to methods such as creating stars in order to generate a renewable energy source.

  • Body augmentation will progress and become more popular.
  • Garments will be designed in a way that wastes as little material as possible.
  • Technology will enable clothes to be easily and affordably tailored to the wearer.
  • Fashion will draw on its past in order to create future styles.
  • Clothes will some day incorporate various technologies within their fibres which will provide additional benefits to the wearer.

  • Designs will try to convey a sense of spaciousness.
  • Interiors will become increasingly personalised rather than clinical.

  • Railways/ Trams will be a popular form of public transport.
  • Public transport will be moved to a different level to ease congestion on the roads.

  • Vehicles will become more streamlined and technological rather than mechanical.
  • Eco-friendly power sources will be the sole fuel of the modern vehicle.
  • Single passenger vehicles will become much more compact.

  • Religion will become more scarce or will adapt to become more focused on ‘spiritual guidance’ as science continues to dominate.
  • Religious extremists will become more violent over time.
  • As people of different religions marry, religions will cross racial boundaries.
  • Multifaith churches will spread amongst society.
  • New religions inspired by popular fiction will become more widespread.
  • Religion/ Religious symbols and attire will become more of a fashion statement in modern times.

  • Touch technology will spread to most facets of life.
  • All personal technology will be contained in one device.
  • Artificial limbs/ organs will advance to a refined degree.
  • Electronic paper will become the norm.

  • The worlds biggest leaders will merge under one rule.
  • Privacy will be severely inhibited.
  • Robots will replace a lot of basic human jobs.
  • Political Correctness will put a strain on freedom of speech.

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